CMO at Endeavor & Former CBO at UBER

CMO at Endeavor & Former CBO at UBER

Motivational business speaker Bozoma Saint John, or ‘Boz’ as her friends call her, is a trailblazer for women in business. She is a brilliant marketing mind, having worked in leadership roles for a handful of industry leading companies from Pepsi, Beats and Itunes/Apple Music to Uber. Her numerous accolades include Billboard’s 2016 Female Executive of the Year, Fortune’s 2016 40 under 40, named to Ad Age’s list of 50 most creative people, and Ebony’s 100 powerful executives. Her ability as a keynote speaker is equally as extraordinary, sharing key insights from her own bag of tricks on how to generate consumer interest, create lifelong customers, disrupt the marketplace and more. An outspoken advocate for diversity in the workplace, Bozoma is one of the few African American, female executives in the country. In June of 2018, Bozoma left her position as Chief Brand Officer of Uber to become the Chief Marketing Officer at the entertainment conglomerate, Endeavor.

Passion for her work and a strong drive to succeed is at the center of everything Bozoma does. While working as an assistant for a temp agency at Spike Lee’s advertising firm, she gained trust through her passion and nose-to-the-grindstone attitude. She went from making coffee runs to brainstorming Beyonce campaigns. From there she worked at GlaxoSmithKline and then moved to PepsiCo where she created their division of Music and Entertainment Marketing. Bozoma led the brand in the direction of music/festival-based marketing initiatives that generated huge ROI for the brand. She put Pepsi in the forefront of the public eye, meeting an important demographic of consumers where they’re at in their leisure activities. She also orchestrated the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Beyonce.

Bozoma was with PepsiCo for almost a decade before music industry legend Jimmy Iovine personally recruited her to come work for Beats Music. Beats was soon acquired by Apple and Bozoma settled into a new role as Head of Global Consumer Marketing for iTunes/Apple Music.

Bozoma then went on to work as chief brand officer for Uber after having been personally recruited by Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and Uber board member. See the pattern here? Everyone wants to enlist the help of this rockstar executive! After only a few meetings, Ms. Huffington explained Bozoma’s personality like this: “Sometimes it takes you months to get to know someone. With her, I felt like she has this incredible capacity for intimacy and for sharing her story and for sharing others’ stories.”

From Bozoma’s incredible industry experience to her innate skill as an engaging keynote speaker, she is one of the most requested business speakers on the circuit today.

Topics of Bozoma’s include: Sales & Marketing, Women In Business, Innovation, Leadership & Diversity.

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